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The Right Prescription for Health Care Facilities

A hospital is a special place because people both work there and receive care to restore their health. At SCMS Construction, we understand the requirements of health care facilities. We offer medical building construction that incorporates all of the elements necessary to help health care professionals serve their patients better.

We Accept the Challenge

The construction of related health care facilities is complex and technically demanding. These types of projects are mechanically intensive and often involve the construction of medical expansions in the middle of continuing services.

We have extensive past experience with health care facilities' work. Because this project type is particularly well-suited for a team approach, one involving early involvement of the contractor, we are able to more fully utilize the technical expertise and staff resources we have available.

Having constructed numerous health care projects, specialized members of our staff have a detailed knowledge of health care organizations and how they operate. This knowledge is essential in understanding the functional impact on design decisions and is basic to effective management of the construction process.

Proficient in Project Control

Project control is typically a critical issue in the construction of health care facilities. These conditions challenge expertise and test reputations. This is because they usually require tight scheduling, especially if an addition or remodel is involved, and careful control over the factors that affect cost.

Some of our most successful projects have involved the construction of health care facilities. We seem to perform best when construction input during design is a basic scope requirement. Our team also works efficiently when effective control cost, time, and quality during construction is critical to project success.